Breathing is essential to leaving, no matter what we do, we all know that. Even though I totally agree that the most important thing is breathing and sometimes we just need to let the breath go, I also believe that the way in which we breathe can dramatically change the effectiveness of any movement. I've seen many definitions of Pilates breathing such as thoracic breathing, intercostal breathing, lateral breathing and more, I really like to call it 3D breathing. During both my Pilates and my personal training session I always focus of efficient breathing.The idea is breathing both  into the front and into the back of the ribcage, blowing it up like a balloon, on the breath out the ribcage closes and gently slides down towards the hips. In this way the sternum is free, the shoulders are relaxed, the back of the body is active and the deep abdominal muscles activated.

This may sound a lot to do and I am not saying that it will come at the first try. It requires one all of the Pilates principles, particularly concentration. It's a long journey with its ups and downs but the ending posit sill be a surprise. The spine extensors will be able to relax because the front of the body is doing its job and non specific lower back pain will get a lot better. The amazing thing that I experienced both on myself and on some clients is that, once this is achieved, it's really hard to let go and you end up working out your core every moment of your life, just by achieving a correct posture!